The $4.00 dog/cat tag!   Now every pet owner can afford peace of mind...

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Our 42nd Anniversary Special...and we mean SPECIAL! That's 178 in dog years! Who says 'you can't teach an old dog new tricks'? At Pet-ID-Tags and Tagxpress we're always developing new tag styles for our pet and people friends. We wanted to offer an ID at original 1972 prices but inflation just wouldn't allow us to sell a tag for $2.00. So, we did the next best thing! Our low-price bundle should start dog tails wagging, kitty cats purring and pet owners cheering.


Anniversary Special + FREE Spot-Lite Safety Reflectors with Every Tag

Versatile size/shape is ideal for BOTH cats and dogs...
Anniversary Special Tags are 1" Diameter Stainless Steel Disks - Stamped with 1/16" Lettering,  Not All Letters and Symbols are Available with Stamped Lettering. No Lowercase, @, $, %, *, !, +, =, ~,?, ( ) . One or Two Short Lines of Information is Not Recommended for These Tags, Due to Small Lettering.  Abbreviations are Made When Necessary.
Select Two, Three, Four or Five Tag Bundle:  

18 Characters and Spaces Per Line Maximum

Pet's Name or First Line:  
Pet's Name or First Line:  
Pet's Name or First Line:  
Pet's Name or First Line:  
Pet's Name or First Line:  
First or Top Line Can Have Different Information on Each Tag
Owner or 2nd Line:  
Phone or 3rd Line:  
Lines Two and Three Must Have Identical Information on Each Tag
Each Tag Limited to Three Lines - 18 Characters & Spaces Per Line
See Samples and Read Description Above

FREE 1st Class Shipping
       Stainless . . $6.95
        Aluminum . . $7.50
        Brass . . . $7.75
        Plastic . . . $7.95

Prices Vary, Depending on Style

Additional Backside Engraving Available on Most Tags for 75 Cents Per Line.
Yes, the low price is even lower with FREE shipping included!
Orders are Sent USPS 1st Class Mail. Delivery Time Is Usually 7-10 Days
You Should Know . .
  • We DO NOT Sell Any Information We Receive From You Or Send You Unsolicited Emails

  • All Charge Card Numbers Are Removed From Our Secure Site And The Internet Every Few Hours For Your Safety




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Authentic Military Dog Tags for People and Pets

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